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The Dark Schneider is a powerful machine that Deathborn, its pilot, has nicknamed the "Wings of Darkness". It boasts a powerful body that makes it ideal for crashing into other units. He had the cockpit specially rigged so that if any pilot other than himself tried to use the machine, many poisonous needles fire out of the dashboard to kill the intruder.


  • Number: 00
  • Creator: Unknown
  • Engine: DS021Px3
  • Weight: 2080kg
  • Body: A
  • Boost: B
  • Grip: D


  • The Dark Schneider is the only unlockable Vehicle originating from F-Zero GX.
    • It is also the only Vehicle in F-Zero GX/AX without a visible Vehicle number (00 as registered in-game).
  • The Dark Schneider's name could be a reference to the eponymous wizard from the manga\anime Bastard!!.
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