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Dark Million

Dark Million battleship

The Dark Million Organization is an evil organization that plots to win the F-Zero prize money to fund their plans for universal domination. They're the opposing team from the Elite Mobile Task Force, and aside from Zoda's gunship, their secret lair resides in Dark Star.


Among the major members are:

  • Black Shadow: The main villain of the series and leader of the Dark Million Organization. Black Shadow is a man of huge size, incredible strength, devious intelligence, supernatural powers and a sadistic personality. He hatches the grand scheme of taking the Reactor Mights for himself and not until the very end does his plans fail. The Reactors are the key to fulfill his beloved dream: To create the Dark Reactor which will make the Universe implode and be born anew as a cosmos filled with evil. He is shown to be incredibly patient and cunning, as insults or apparent setbacks are only met by his insane evil laugh, to his minions' perplexion. He rarely takes much physical activity in his plans, mostly issuing orders and working behind the scenes, though when he must, he brings out his monstrous machine, the Black Bull. He also has mysterious powers that border on the magical, like sending rays from his body that cause pain to nearby people, to impersonating people by taking their shape. Black Shadow remains in control in the entire series until the very end, when Ryu and Captain Falcon manage to overload and destroy the Dark Reactor. Shocked and furious at his sudden defeat, he jumps out of his machine in the middle of the explosion to attack Falcon, but he is finally defeated when the Falcon Punch is unleashed upon him and he is utterly obliterated.
    • Voice actor: Eric Stuart
    • Seiyū: Norio Wakamoto
  • Zoda (ゾーダ Zōda?): A criminal who is brought back to life in the era this show takes place in by the Black Hand. He was the cause of Rick's accident 150 years ago. He was also cryogenically frozen and later awakened/transformed into an alien-like being by Black Shadow and his Dark Million Organization. He doesn't appear to like Black Shadow or Miss Killer that much. Later in the series, Zoda is able to transform into a stronger being known as "Hyper Zoda" after having a Reactor Might implanted in his stomach, first shown in Episode 32 when he battles with Ryu and Falcon. Eventually, Black Shadow double-crosses him and throws him into the Dark Reactor to exploit the power of his Reactor Might. After the Dark Reactor's destruction at the hands of Ryu and Captain Falcon, Zoda miraculously survives the ordeal and shows up for the race in the epilogue, to Baba and The Skull's dismay.
    • Voice actor: Jamie McGonnigal
    • Seiyū: Shinpachi Tsuji
  • Haruka Misaki (Luna Ryder/Miss Killer): Black Shadow's right-hand woman who is actually Rick's old girlfriend. She was in deep freeze when The Skull and Black Shadow brainwashed her. She usually wins when she races, which is one reason why Black Shadow values her. Zoda doesn't appear to like her. Later on, she recovered her memories, which force Black Shadow to turn against her. She is later saved by Captain Falcon. In the last episode, she is working in the bar where Captain Falcon's secret identity previously worked.
    • Voice actor: Bella Hudson
    • Seiyū: Sayuri Yoshida
  • Deathborn: Member of the Dark Million Organization and sitting chairman of the F-Zero Association. A cybernetic mystery, he is never seen talking, has inhuman strength and seems to be one of Black Shadow's most secretive minions. When he is last seen, Ryu and Captain Falcon are stalking him in hopes of him leading them to Black Shadow. Captain Falcon however realizes that Deathborn is no other than Black Shadow. In his first appearance he is seen sitting in a dark observation room watching the F-Zero racers, like he was in the first trailer for F-Zero GX.
  • Don Genie: A wealthy and powerful gangster working with Black Shadow. When Deathborn is revealed to be Black Shadow, he also reveals to be Don Genie.
    • Seiyū: Chafurin
  • Berserker: A silent antagonist that appears later in the anime; he functions as a shaded spy for Dark Million, even though he happens to be one of the major heroes...
  • Octoman: Member of the Dark Million Organization. He joined the Dark Million Organization to keep his creditors at bay.
    • Voice actor: Eric Stuart
    • Seiyū: Takeshi Yamato
  • Bio Rex: Member of the Dark Million Organization.
    • Voice actor: Marc Thompson
    • Seiyū: Takayuki Fujimoto
  • The Skull: Member of the Dark Million Organization as its most powerful sorcerer and master of the black arts.
    • Voice actor: Andrew Rannells
    • Seiyū: Takayuki Fujimoto
  • Pico: An ex-military pilot that works with Dark Million to carry out dangerous missions as Zoda's own personal sniper.
    • Voice actor: Sean Schemmel
    • Seiyū: Kenichi Mochizuki
  • Blood Falcon: Evil clone of Capt. Falcon created by Black Shadow utilizing a Dark Reactor Might. He has made an army of clones.
    • Anime - Banjo Ginga
  • Baba: From the planet Giant, he functions as one of Zoda's low cronies next to Octoman and Bio Rex, but mostly functions as a Mook and spy.
    • Voice actor: Sean Schemmel
    • Seiyū: Takeshi Yamato (Lap 3), Yasunobu Iwata
  • Death Soldier: They're the expendable members of the organization as well as mechanics and pilots.