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These triplets come from the planet Shinar. The average life of the beings on Shinar is 200 years, extremely long compared to that of earthlings. However, even after reaching adulthood, they remain quite small. Using telepathy, they don't need to speak to communicate. Dai, Sen, and Gen have incredible teamwork skills and an amazing ability to operate their machine as one. Dai takes care of handling, San handles navigation, and Gen handles acceleration and braking.

Pink Spider

They were gifted the Pink Spider by their grandfather (mistakenly stated to be uncle in the F-Zero GX Nintendo Power Player's Guide), a fan of gambling. Like Gomar & Shioh, they have been allowed to race together in one vehicle specially designed to host them. They aim to win at least three trophies, so each one of them will be able to hold one.


  • "Daisangen" (Big Three Dragons) is one of the highest-scoring hands possible in Japanese Mahjong, consisting of 3 triplets of white, red, and green dragon tiles. The triplet's names and color schemes are a reference to this.[1]
  • The manufacturer of their machine; "Tsumo Reach", is also a Mahjong reference, "Tsumo" and "Riichi" are both terms in Japanese Mahjong.

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