Mr EAD was the First android to be introduced into F-zero

Ever since the beginning of the F-Zero Franchise, Partially or fully mechanical beings have appeared, some being built as such for the purpose of entering the Grand Prix, such as Mr. EAD, others being reconstructed after tragedies mutilated their bodies to high degrees, examples of those being former racer Mighty Gazelle or the evil reduced to a mere mighty brain-in-a-bucket Deathborn. Another example, the earliest one in the series, would be F-Zero TV's main representative and only known eployee Mr. Zero, the announcer and on-site reporter for each race, though it is unknown how much of his seemingly human body is Mechanical.

To be classified as a Cyborg one would have to be not fully mechanical, or at least retain some human traits such as consciousness to a human degree, which is why Androids such as Mr. EAD or QQQ are classified as such, but anthropomorphic robots with little intelligence like Death Soldiers are not.

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