The original title for this Course.

Cosmo Terminal is a track located in F-Zero GX. It is the first track in the Diamond Cup.


This cosmopolitan terminal uses hi-tech elevators which ties the ground with space. It is considered as the new mode of transportation where it substitutes the tracked elevator. Presently, the construction has reached a height of 86,000km, but because the budget is exceeded substantially, construction has a rough going. In such a circumstance, the F-ZERO Execution Project constructs the circuit coercively inside the elevator.

Appearance in the games

Cosmo Terminal's only appearence so far is in F-Zero GX. It is a difficult track as there are very few rails to prevent racers from falling into the abyss below and it is not uncommon for AI racers to also lose their grip. The name "Trident" stems from the frequent points in which the track splits into three different lanes.


  • This course was originally referred to as 'Elevator' within the data of F-Zero AX. Even its title card with that name existed at the time.
  • The three different lanes in this course each have single colored arrows embedded on the center areas (red, blue and green). These colors are likely a reference to a recurring Nintendo theme in which the company frequently uses these three colors within their games, most notably, the Triforce from The Legend of Zelda.
  • At around 2 minutes and 55 seconds into the current race, the background will begin to slow down and eventually stop moving, likely to notify the Elevator has reached its destination. This otherwise has no impact on the race itself.
  • In a Beta version of F-Zero AX, The Trident track had 2 extra layers of fencing located by certain path-merging areas on the track. These extra fencing were removed in the final release in GX, thus making the Course incredibly more harder and easier to fall off. [1]



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