Clank Hughes is the pilot of the Dragon Bird EX in F-Zero Climax. He's the extremely young boy training to be the third Captain Falcon under the tutelage of Rick Wheeler. He was previously not allowed to race but received the Dragon Bird after Rick became the new Captain Falcon.

An energetic young boy with an extensive knowledge in technology. He has modified the Dragon Bird since and uses the robot Tech to help him pilot it.

In The Anime

Clank Hughes at age 17

Clank Hughes (Tek Hughes in the dub) makes his first appearance as a hacker from a war-wrecked planet, known as Forno, that hacked into the Dragon Bird and hijacked it only to be stopped by Captain Falcon. He then found a home at the Falcon House as its bookkeeper. The 9-room complex also houses Bart, Rick, and Jack.

He later discovered many secrets because of his bravery and everlasting curiosity, including lost ruins from Sand Ocean, discovering a classic car during Rick's day off and named it the Dragon Ghost, while he was getting a drink late at night in the Falcon House he uncovered a vault that led to the Blue Falcon, and then he kept the secret of Burt's identity as Captain Falcon due to an injury in his arm left by Miss Killer. He also made a site dedicating to the F-Zero pilots, including Rick.

He's known to be very resilient even in the toughest times. He had lost his father, Roy Hughes, twice: one was during an infiltration of a spaceport overrun by pirates and Zoda, and another was when he, as the Gazelle, sacrificed himself after protecting him from an attack led by Zoda. Clank also went through the loss of Captain Falcon after he gave up his life by using the Falcon Punch which sent him and Black Shadow into the Dark Reactor Core.

In Lap 42, Bart said he's born on July 28, which happens to be the same as Rick's. His blood type is O, much like Jack's and Zoda's. He also loves to eat curry, and Bart stated that he happens to like a girl.

In 2207, he finally became the pilot of the Dragon Bird, and revamped it as the Dragon Bird EX, while Rick was using the Blue Falcon GT. Roy Hughes was a human again by that time.


  • Let's just say I'm a data retrieval expert; it sounds a whole lot more legal.
  • I did it! I did just what Captain Falcon told me to. Now I'm here in Mute City, and I'm gonna follow my dream! Someday, I'm gonna be an F-Zero racer!


  • Hughes is a patronymic surname meaning "son of Hugh." Though, it can also be German meaning heart/mind.
  • The name Tek gives you an inquisitive, restless, seeking nature. You feel impelled by intense desires that you cannot comprehend or satisfy. You have had the ideal, especially early in life, to accomplish something outstanding and to do something very worthwhile for humanity.


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