"A nasty crew stalls Falcon in his quest to stop Black Shadow..."
— Tagline Description of this Chapter.

Challenge of the Bloody Chain is the fourth Chapter within the F-Zero GX Story Mode.


Captain Falcon heads his way to the Lightning Area where Black Shadow wreaks havoc, but an unexpected gang follows him, and Michael Chain and his thugs try to take him out.


Falcon: The gangs..

Falcon: So you wanna play...

Michael: Guys. The Party's just starting.

(After Mission Clear)

Michael: Oh no!... After Falcon! Don't lose him!

Michael: Go! Go after him! What are you doing!


  • The internal data of this Course states this is named 'Big Blue' even though the setting isn't on the water-filled Planet.
    • The music however, is fitting with the data, as the Soundtrack's name is "Night of Big Blue".
  • If one looks close enough, Captain Falcon's model clips through the windshield of the Blue Falcon twice. Once each before and after the mission cutscenes.
  • Here's the intro music:

    F-Zero GX AX Music Story Mode Chapter 4 - Challenge of the Bloody Chain

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Challenge of the Bloody Chain
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