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Captain Falcon Trains is the first chapter of the story mode in F-Zero GX. In this chapter, Captain Falcon's objective is to collect all the capsules on the track (25 in Normal Mode, 30 in Hard, and 35 in Very Hard) within the time limit (80 seconds in Normal, 60 seconds otherwise).


A group of F-Zero pilots are gathered outside a television shop in Mute City, watching a news report on Black Shadow's latest antics. Captain Falcon, however, is not interested in watching Black Shadow laughing maniacally, and walks straight past, before slipping into a back alley, unnoticed.

At the end of this alley, Falcon's secret base is hidden. Falcon scans his way in, and climbs into the Blue Falcon for a quick training session, namely "Simulation Mode Level E", which involves collecting several capsules that are scattered around a track within a set time limit. Falcon, being the reigning F-Zero champion, completes the training game with ease. As he leaves the Blue Falcon, he looks confidently at a notice on his computer about the date of the next Grand Prix, certain that victory will once again be his.

Difficulty Changes: The time becomes shorter and the number of capsules increase as their location changes, making a plan for effectively reaching the capsules becomes a necessary strategy before racing in Very Hard level.


  • This is the only chapter played on a track that can also be raced outside of Story Mode - the AX Cup's Mute City: Sonic Oval.
  • This, and the prologue, are the only two chapters that do not need to be purchased from the F-Zero Shop before they become playable.
    • These are also the only two chapters that are viewed within the intro screen. (In the case for Chapter 1, only the beginning cutscene is played out entirely and not the completion cutscene).


Chapter #0
Prologue: Black Shadow's Disgrace
Chapter #1
Captain Falcon Trains
Chapter #2
Goroh: The Vengeful Samurai