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These are all the quotes said by Blood Falcon.

F-Zero X

  • "There is only one TRUE Falcon!"

F-Zero GX

F-Zero TV Interview

Dialogue Voice Clip
"Time for a new hero Falcon!"
"This was my destiny as a clone."
"I'm the only one who can control the power of Blood Hawk!"
"The Heart of a devil! Doing whatever it takes to win!"
"My only true rival is Falcon. All the rest are small fry."
"Blood Falcon or Captain Falcon? Now all of you know which one of us, is the real, hero."
"There can be only one champion! Blood Falcon!"
"Find a rival stronger than Captain Falcon."
"Who's interested in money? My only objective, was to squash Falcon!"
"Haa...different from Falcon's autograph, isn't it?"
"Falcon... I'm not the only copy of you."
"I show no mercy for any of my rivals! No matter who they are."
"I'm going to kill you. Resistance is futile."
"Are you in agony... Are you in pain? Stay away from me, if you don't want to suffer more."
"You probably don't know, but I race F-Zero in the Underworld as well."
"Ha ha ha ha......Keep count of how many of them I kill."

Story Mode Cutscenes

Dialogue Location Description
"Yeah. I'm ready." Chapter 6: Black Shadow's Trap Responding to Black Shadow, after planting a bomb atop the Blue Falcon.
"Hahahaha! You and Blue Falcon can die together! Haaa Haha, hahaha!" Chapter 6: Black Shadow's Trap Mocking Captain Falcon, as he drives off in great danger.