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    God, fucking, dammit! Last nite I'd been banned on the LOTM wiki for God knows how long! All cause 22kingdomheartsfan won't EVER accept my blog and my true feelings on my bitter rival, Fanfictiondreamer; in fact I absolutely want NOTHING to with that narcissist and I'm sick evrybody's taking her side! He said I was temporarily blocked on account on "bullying and harassment!" FYI, the blog I posted wasn't that in any way, shape, or form in a sense! He has warned before on my rant,Fanfictiondreamer is Fizzling Out,and I've no regrets cause that selfish fadfiction writer never changes! Here's what I'd listed:

    I had been concerned about this for a long time, and I'm only saying this for her benefit, despite the fact I seem to be a rival with he…

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  • TheIkranRider

    TheIkranRider is an online adult that soars thru the skies of fantasy and cyberspace. She has chosen the Pokémon, Riolu, since its cute, loyal, though a wild companion, much like her own mind and imagination. Like Fanfictiondreamer, she too lives with Autism, but also has other mental defects, while still having a rich fantasy life. She came up with that name for herself as she loves one of Pandora's creatures, the Mountain Banshees, also known as Ikrans. While the number 77 in her DA name may represent double luck.

    She does immerse herself into fantasy, science fiction, and thrillers, though her fandoms and interests are sometimes in a constant flux, or she'd be stuck with them for awhile showing how rare, nostalgic and valuable they are. T…

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  • TheIkranRider

    Attention, futuristic racing fans, especially those for the anime! I had done some hefty work over the last several days, ever since I noticed The Legend Begins was the only Lap and needed updates, I've added/updated all the English/Japanese versions of all 51 Laps! Not sure if I should find the vids on YT and add them... What do you guys think?

    Feel free to check them out under the Categories F-Zero GP Legend, Episodes, and F-Zero media! In case you can't tell I just love the English dubs, and especially Rick Wheeler! Hopefully, this'll bring me close to the edits my bitter rival, Fanfictiondreamer, did...

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  • TheIkranRider

    Disclaimer: Pressure belongs to Billy Joel; I just want to use this as my fallout with Fanfictiondreamer. At first she was an inspiration, now we're just far too different! She represents her version of Misty from The Ultimate Story, while my mascot, Riolu, was running away as he was sobbing and suffering from the pangs of a broken, long friendship!

    If Vienna never worked for you, then perhaps this will!! And some lyrics had been changed to suit the scenario better...

    You have to learn to pace yourself


    You're just like everybody else


    You've only had to run so far, so good

    But you will come to a place

    Where the only thing you feel

    Are loaded guns in your face

    And you'll have to deal with Pressure!

    You used to call me paranoid


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  • TheIkranRider

    Indeed! Lightning has officially struck twice as I had released my 2nd revenge fic/chapter on To Be Married and Loved, as spite against IncredibleIntruder's grotesque and domineering concept on utilizing Princia Ramode's Mandala Dance; the 1st strike was for my creepypasta/first-ever M-rated fic, The Lost Legend of Namira as hate against The Gerudo Seduction Dance/Gerudo Era. Not sure what to do if lightning should strike 3 times, though I want to relate it to baseball, but I'm not sure how it'll be done.

    Like I've said, I've no plans on bashing EVERY work he has made, as some franchises seem mediocre to me now (I,e Aladdin, Shantae, Naruto, One Piece, Sonic, Metroid, Bleach, etc.). But still, I hope that fans would stand by my side, especially…

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  • TheIkranRider

    Happy Easter!

    April 12, 2020 by TheIkranRider

    Same thing as the title! I know things/relationships are hindered due to the coronavirus outbreak, but I hope y'all having a nice holiday despite the social distancing. I seem to be ok, though. So, I'm working on my new F-Zero fic, To Be Married and Loved, and about my last blog...

    If you EVER notice that said user, TheIncredibleIntruder, ANYEWHERE, you've my permission to eliminate him! Do this at all costs! For those who despise sex being used as a weapon, don't be allured by him or his content; he's still around, btw!! I know they're just stories, but any content of his should be prohibited here! The creepypasta/revenge fic should explain enough, and I'm gonna start Round 2 on a chapter of that said fic against how he used Princia Ramode…

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  • TheIkranRider

    Cast of Characters for F-Zero Maximum Velocity (Ikran's Timeline)


    Alexander O'Neil

    Mickey Marcus

    Blitz Wagner

    Jane B. Christie

    Kent Akechi



    Lord Cyber

    Yazoo Jr.

    Clank Hughes

    Rick Wheeler

    Tinsel Steelus

    Lucifer Shadow

    Archer Arrow

    Phoenix Levin

    Luna Stewart

    Faith Williams

    Dai Goroh

    Lucy Liberty

    Lewis Legend

    Terry "Digi-Boy" Getter

    Tinsel Steelus can be found in my blog, My F-Zero OCs.

    Luna, Lewis, Faith, Phoenix, Archer, and Lucifer belong to my good friend and fellow F-Zero fan, Buttscottchpiie.

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  • TheIkranRider

    Here are the song picks for the Canon Foreigners in the F-Zero series (Rick Wheeler, Clank Hughes, Haruka Misaki/Miss Killer/Luna Ryder, and Lucy Liberty. The Death Soldiers don't really count:

    For Miss Killer, it's Stranger Eyes by The Cars:

    For Lucy Liberty it's Higher by N.M. feat Sunny from DDR Extreme: It really sets her personality very well!

    For Clank Hughes, it is The Brazilian from Genesis:

    Abd finally, for my all-time favorite pilot in the series, Rick Wheeler! There's his obvious theme from GP Legend, the GBA game, but I also picked these: The first is from Top Gear, Track 4; aka the San Francisco track…

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  • TheIkranRider

    Alright, if you hadn't seen its 10 Flaws, here it is. However, I don't see GP Legend/Climax as a lost cause like so many consumers think. I will try and list 10 positives to hopefully cancel them out, and maybe help GP Legend get a second shot for airing the American Dubs of the anime. So here goes:

    1. Cool Canon Foreigners

    As the name would imply on TVTropes, they're characters that're introduced to a work that is far from the norm of the actual series, such as a spinoff or expanding a universe. They're also used to add more variety to the cast, whether it'd be diversity or adding a female to an all-male group. Every installment expands their cast, and they hardly disappoint here:

    In this case, there are 3 main examples of this, those being …

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  • DarkraiShadowXZ

    I wish to adopt the F-Zero Wiki. Mainly because I know a lot about GX/AX, and I wish to clean up this site for anyone who loves this intense Hi-Speed racing sport or to introduce this series to newcomers. I'm not perfect, but I always do what I can! Does anyone agree with these facts? Please comment, thank you. 

                                          By the Captain Falcon Mainer: DarkraiShadowXZ (talk) 01:54, January 22, 2020 (UTC)

    (UPDATE) It is official, still got those racing moves! (Meaning I am now Head Admin of F-Zero Wiki.) If anyone wishes to participate strongly in this world, please still comment! We shouldn't do this alone! Thank you.                                        Continuing by: DarkraiShadowXZ (talk) 20:43, January 28, 2…

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  • TheIkranRider

    Now, now, don't get me wrong, I love F-Zero GP Legend, ever since I was a late teenager. It has actually helped me thru high school during junior year, especially when the large state standardized test was approaching toward March; I still have some fond memories with both the English Dubs as well as the GBA game of the same name.

    However, nothing's perfect, and as I was creating my F-Zero fics back in the day, there were quite some unpleasantries that needed to be pointed out. So, here are my 10 Flaws in GP Legend, and I'm even including its successor, Climax.

    Disregards lore

    One of the biggest and most glaring flaws about GP Legend was the fact that it often ignores the F-Zero lore that was prevalent throughout the series. Sure, there were …

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  • TheIkranRider

    Ending it All outline

    February 17, 2019 by TheIkranRider

    Alright, since my F-Zero fanfic, Ending it All, was my personal favorite of mine, I thought maybe I should give you all a brief summary of every Lap in the story. I hope that'll give it more praise this way and more recognition from the fans. So here goes:

    SPOILER WARNING!! This contains major spoilers for this story. You have been warned, please enter at your own risk!

    Lap 1

    This took place during the spring, just a few weeks after Tinsel was brainwashed by Dark Million. She first arrives at the Falcon House and Bart Lemming and Clank Hughes grew very concerned, that they were unable to make contact with the Mobile Task Force since they disappeared just several days ago. She soon enters the base, only to find it empty and barren. Each one of…

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  • TheIkranRider

    I recently stuck w/ the series via the Franchise Report that was made last year by Freelance Nintendo, then I was watching the first episode of the anime. When suddenly, there was a question that just came to me like a slap in the face. I came to thinking... Was F-Zero made for the wrong demographic?

    Here's the thing: During the Franchise Report concerning the future of F-Zero, people would see how sales have decreased overtime in the franchise. From the original, to X, Max. Velocity, and especially GX, GP Legend, and Climax, lifetime sales seemed to have decreased w/ every game in various generations and systems. At first, it did bother me, but I constantly thought it'll all change if they should count the virtual consoles, Classic systems…

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  • TheIkranRider

    Hey futuristic racing fans. This is just a little something I've been wanting to add to one of my epics, Ending it All. I've decided to create a virtual soundtrack to the story itself; much like a motion picture soundtrack to a feature film. So, here's the track listing in case you're all interested in this as well as the fic itself:

    • F-Zero GP Legend 4Kids Intro with lyrics (Silverrreploid CLE)
    • Beacon Port (Maximum Velocity)
    • Investigation (anime)
    • Chapter 6 Opening (GX)
    • Mute City (GP Legend)
    • Planet Colors (GX)
    • Finish to Go (GX)
    • Ancient Mesa (Maximum Velocity)
    • 8 Guitars (GX)
    • Gomar and Shioh's Theme (GX)
    • Night of Big Blue (GX)
    • Leon's Theme (GX)
    • Roger Buster's Theme (GX)
    • Cover of Red Canyon (GX)
    • Cover of Mute City (GX)
    • The Unexpected has Happened (anime)
    • Fire …
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  • TheIkranRider

    My Other F-Zero OCs

    September 26, 2018 by TheIkranRider

    Here are my other OCs for the F-Zero series:

    Rodney Stewart

    'Age: 22

    Occupation: Physicist in Mute City

    Birthplace: Earth, Mute City

    Appearance: Ending it All, Man of Destiny, The Power of the Falcon, To Be Married and Loved

    Rodney is a young physicist and is the son of Dr. Stewart (Robert Stewart); aside from his half-sister, Luna, he happens to be his only living kin. He looks up to his father highly and was always willing to follow in his footsteps as a doctor, rather than a F-Zero racer. He's very well-liked and famous throughout the world and the universe.

    Tinsel discovered Rodney as she was searching for her friends within the Task Force. They've mysteriously went missing, and she wanted to consult with him about a strange compound in a syringe…

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  • TheIkranRider

    Hey, everyone! Since I'm a huge fan of the series, allow me to introduce my original character, Tinsel Steelus, the pilot of the Silver Comet.

    Tinsel Steelus Wheeler

    Miaiden Name: Tinsel Steelus

    Age: 27-29

    Occupations: Member of the Elite Mobile Task Force (resigned), F-Zero pilot

    Birthplace: Earth, Mute City

    Best Friends: Rick Wheeler, Lucy Liberty, Dr. Clash (deceased), Dr. Stewart, Mr. EAD, Captain Falcon (deceased), Burt Lemming, Clank Hughes, Beastman, Octoman, Rodney Stewart, Gomar & Shioh, Leon, Roger Buster and Draq, Lily Flyer, PJ

    Other: Yugi, Yami (deceased), Joey. Plassein (deceased), Peter Quill/Star-Lord, Baby Groot, Rocket Raccoon

    Appearance: Falcon's Followers; The Samurai Returns; Cold as Ice; Rick's Lament; Ryu's Immigration; Tanaka in …

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  • TheIkranRider

    Ever since I saw a video by TASproductions on his retrospective about the FoxBox/4Kids.TV, I had decided to make this blog post. We all know that GP Legend (both the anime and the GBA game) was released upon US shores at the same time on September 2004. It premiered on the FoxBox and to me, it was almost an instant hit. I was playing F-Zero GX during the summer of that year, and when I first heard about it as my younger siblings pointed it out on TV, it was only natural I decided to give it a gamble; it was actually during the first weekend during my junior year in HS. Despite the fact that Rick Wheeler was the main man, instead of Capt. Falcon, and the fact that it was in an alternate timeline for some reason, I quite enjoyed it from Lap …

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  • TheIkranRider

    Ok, yeah it is kind of obvious since some fans have splurged GP Legend into the main timeline, but hear me out:

    So, much like the chronology, it starts the hyper futuristic race we know as F-Zero (200 years after the fatal F-MAX) that took place in 2560. Then, there was the unfortunate event known as the Horrific Accident, aka the Grand Finale, in which Deathborn caused the lethal crash at the last course of the King League, Fire Field.

    The Grand Prix was suspended for seven years until, thanks to the persuasion from Super Arrow, the Federation Congress decided to resume the sport with the F-Zero X competition in 2567.

    Unlike the main chronology, there was a pilot that seemed to have returned from the dead, Tinsel Steelus. Aside from introduc…

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  • TheIkranRider

    My F-Zero Fanfics

    March 28, 2018 by TheIkranRider

    Hey, futuristic racing fans. I've made some fanfics involving the series since I'm a huge follower of it. Whether it'd be the games or the anime, you'll see a lot of the material they revolve around. Many of them center on the development of my OC, Tinsel Steelus, the pilot of her own machine, the Silver Comet. These stories can be found on DA or

    Falcon's Followers

    This is a multi-chapter story that was based off of F-Zero GX's Story Mode. Instead of just Captain Falcon, it also involves my OC as well as some elements from the original Yu-Gi-Oh series. Through fascination, she, Yugi, and Joey go on their own odyssey as Falcon fulfills his duties as a bounty hunter and Grand Prix champion. Combined with their racing skills and their …

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  • TheIkranRider

    Hey. I can't believe there's only one character (or 2) that represent F-Zero in Smash. There's only Captain Falcon (as well as his alt costume which looks like Blood Falcon in a way). There should be more! I mean, we had Samurai Goroh as an Assist Trophy right? So why wasn't he chosen as an actual fghrer? I don't mind him much, but seriously, where's Black Shadow and maybe Rick Wheeler? Shouldn't they be a part of this? The former's an epic villain and Falcon's gotta have something to fight against; and Rick has always been swept under the rug! He happens to be my favorite pilot as well. So, yeah, there should be more fighters from F-Zero, and Black Shadow and Rick Wheeler have potential! Just as long as they're not clones, like Starfox's.…

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