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The following is a list of quotes spoken by Black Shadow.

F-Zero X

F-Zero GX


Dialogue Voice Clip
"This is a victory for Evil!"
Black Shadow (shadow) Voice Clip 1
"To do away with that eyesore Falcon!"
Black Shadow (shadow) Voice Clip 2
"Ehhehe. It helps me carry out my grudge."
Black Shadow (shadow) Voice Clip 3
"Are you prepared to die to find out?"
Black Shadow (shadow) Voice Clip 4
"I'll send you straight to hell. It will be painless, I promise you."
Black Shadow (shadow) Voice Clip 5
"This is the beginning of the reign of Evil."
Black Shadow (shadow) Voice Clip 6
"Bow down before my power Falcon!"
Black Shadow (shadow) Voice Clip 7
"Burn this place to the ground! Hahahahahaha!"
Black Shadow (shadow) Voice Clip 8
"Did you really think I would accept this poultry sum?"
Black Shadow (shadow) Voice Clip 9
"'ve got courage. You want to come work for me?"
Black Shadow (shadow) Voice Clip 10
"It's brave of you to even ask me that."
Black Shadow (shadow) Voice Clip 11
"World destruction! And then, building a new world, the way I want it! HaHaHaHahahahaha!"
Black Shadow (shadow) Voice Clip 12
"Domination or death! You hear that Falcon? HAHAHAhahahaha!"
Black Shadow (shadow) Voice Clip 13
"There will be no mercy for those who oppose me! Hahahahaha!"
Black Shadow (shadow) Voice Clip 14
"Take me on Falcon. Or are you going to run away with your tail between your legs?"
Black Shadow (shadow) Voice Clip 15
"The Federation's control of the Seven Galaxies ends tonight! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA!!!"
Black Shadow (shadow) Voice Clip 16

Story Mode

Dialogue Location Description
<breathing> "W...Wait! Ack! Just...give me one more chance!" Prologue: Black Shadow's Disgrace Asking Deathborn for a second chance at winning the F-Zero Grand Prix as he chokes Black Shadow.
"Yes! Yes. I can win it this time. I swear." Prologue: Black Shadow's Disgrace Promising Deathborn he will win the next F-Zero Grand Prix.
<Laughing> Chapter 1: Captain Falcon Trains Laughing on a TV screen in Mute City, as Captain Falcon walks by.
"Hehhehhehhehheh. This time, the prize will be mine! Hahahahahahaha!" Chapter 1: Captain Falcon Trains On Captain Falcon's monitor, witnessed after his training is completed.
"Falcon! You've come to die. I needed had wasted time looking for you then." Chapter 6: Black Shadow's Trap Finally confronting Captain Falcon.
"The coward's way? You make it sound so noble. I just plan to eliminate anyone who stands between me and the prize. Simple as that. Hahaha, Falcon! Take this!" Chapter 6: Black Shadow's Trap Summoning his magic to ensnare Captain Falcon in his trap.
"Come out Blood Falcon!" Chapter 6: Black Shadow's Trap Summoning out Blood Falcon.
"Are you ready?" Chapter 6: Black Shadow's Trap Preparing the Trap with Blood Falcon.
"Farewell Captain Falcon, Hahahahahahahaha!" Chapter 6: Black Shadow's Trap Saying his goodbye as Captain Falcon drives off in great danger.
"Heh heh heh" Chapter 7: The F-Zero Grand Prix Being introduced to the crowd by the announcer of the F-Zero Grand Prix.
"Well, still alive it seems. But I won't miss this chance to make mincemeat of you, hahahaha!" Chapter 7: The F-Zero Grand Prix Surprised Captain Falcon is alive, but pleased to have a chance to defeat him in the F-Zero Grand Prix.
"W-What the, hh..." Chapter 7: The F-Zero Grand Prix As he kneels down in defeat after the F-Zero race.
"Agh! ...Forgive me Lord Death! Aaaiiiggghhh!" Chapter 7: The F-Zero Grand Prix Begging for forgiveness as he is beaten and disintegrated by Deathborn.

F-Zero GP Legend

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