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"After saving Jody, Falcon finally catches up to Black Shadow..."
— Tagline dialogue before the Chapter start.

Black Shadow's Trap is the sixth Chapter in the F-Zero GX Story Mode.

The setting appears to take place near some Construction Yard, as there are a few small cars driving along the road, Large 'Trucks' as well, and a Building with "Storage 04" written on the side of it. There is also a crane located at the end of the Track. (See Story Details Below)


After narrowly escaping the exploding Lightning Area, Captain Falcon finally confronts Black Shadow, only to be ensnared by his magic blast! Black Shadow summons forth Blood Falcon, who then plants a bomb atop the Blue Falcon. Black Shadow then levitates Captain Falcon into his vehicle, and the Machine begins to drive along the Track. Breaking free of his restraints, Captain Falcon regains control, but is well aware of the Bomb on-board the Blue Falcon.

After racing straight through an unfinished Roadway, the Blue Falcon glides into the air. As the Captain tries to maintain control of his vehicle, the Bomb hits a Crane situated above, and is knocked off into the ocean and explodes. The Blue Falcon lands on another roadway, and Falcon himself rushes to the F-Zero Grand Prix Racetrack.


Black Shadow: "Falcon! You've come to die. I needn't have wasted time looking for you then!"

Captain Falcon: "Let's settle this at the Grand Prix. Not like this, it's the coward's way."

Black Shadow: "The Coward's Way? You make it sound so noble. I just plan on eliminating anyone who stands between me and the prize, simple as that. Hah ha, Falcon! Take This!"

Captain Falcon: "Gwaaah! What are you doing?!"

Black Shadow: "Come out Blood Falcon!"

Black Shadow: "......are you ready?"

Blood Falcon: "Yeah, I'm ready."

Black Shadow: "Farewell, Captain Falcon."

Blood Falcon: "Ha ha ha! You and Blue Falcon can die together! HAAA Hahahahahaha!"


  • This Chapter's missions are a reference to the movie Speed. In that movie, the villain Howard Payne has wired a bomb planted on a bus to go off if it drops below 50 mph.
  • Here's the intro music:

    F-Zero GX AX Music Story Mode Chapter 6 - Black Shadow's Trap

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