The creature Bio Rex was designed by the Keerlon Corporation. His creation is the result of genetic manipulation research that was outlawed on Earth centuries ago. He was created from the DNA of a fossilized dinosaur egg, but altered to have human-level intelligence and increased strength. Genetic design allowed for the development of higher brain functions equivalent to that of a human.

Big Fang

However, before he even got to race, he had to endure several press conferences, interviews, public appearances, and was constantly under constant public scrutiny. Eventually, his patience reached a breaking point and his fiery temper caused some rather embarrassing bad press for the Keerlon Corporation. They distanced themselves from Bio Rex, who still intended to enter the Grand Prix. During his first year he, as a 'new species,' was determined to prove he was superior to humans. However, the following year he entered mainly to satisfy his ravenous appetite for mammoth ribs.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Bio Rex appears in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as a spirit. In his spirit battle, he possesses the body of a Wolf puppet. Ocassionally, various food items will drop down onto the stage. Consuming these food items will temporarlily give the Wolf puppeta damage increase. Upon defeating the Wolf puppet, Bio Rex's spirit is earned. Bio Rex is a primary attack spirit that slightly increases the movement speed of the fighter they're equipped with.


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