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Billy is an F-Zero racer pilot first introduced in F-Zero X. He returns playable in F-Zero AX and in F-Zero GX.


Billy is the first monkey to enter F-Zero. One of his ancestors was a trained rocket pilot and the first monkey in space. Whether by genetic predisposition or not, Billy's ability as a pilot is truly exceptional, and he's the first monkey to enter the F-ZERO Grand Prix. He was raised in a special lab where he was educated in human literacy and communication skills. The lab concurrently developed an F-ZERO racer suitable for a monkey, and bestowed upon him the honor of piloting it in the Grand Prix.

His species seems to not be specially intelligent, since he himself was trained in a laboratory in linguistic skills and eventually to enter the F-Zero races. He's since competed for two years, though he has yet to win the Grand Prix.

When he is interviewed in F-Zero GX, Billy usually talks about money, such as how he became a racer "for the money."

In the Anime

Billy in the anime.

Billy appears in Lap 31, as an redeemed anti-hero. He first appears informing Jody Summer that he will be in it to help Miss Killer win. Otherwise, he will be punished. Before the race starts, he tells Jody that he knows things about her brother. Since Billy is new to F-Zero, he has no experience. Nontheless, he catches up to the White Cat and rams her. Remembering him saying "Please, help me", she assumes using him is a part of Dark Million's plan. Rick and Jack team and and ram into the Mad Wolf so much that it is knocked off the track. Soon, the pilots sees other racers gain and and attack Billy, greatly damaging his machine.

Jody gets Rick to help her save Billy, while Jack focuses on beating Miss Killer. They defeat the other machines and rescue Billy. After the race ends. Billy thanks Jody for saving him and tells them he used to work for Dark Million. At their base, Billy (and his kind) are forced to work for Miss Killer, and the training is very dangerous. Several of his friends were killed due to this rigorous training. According to Billy, one of his friends is still stuck at the training base, and this friend may know about Jody's brother. Jody, however, refuses to do this task, since the Galaxy Police will only protect Billy. Captain Falcon takes notice of this.

After Rick leaves to go to the training grounds, Jody and Jack angrily confront Billy about this. Since he didn't go with Rick, they believe his story was a lie. They leave to help Rick, making Billy sulk down and feel guilty. Rick is later saved from Blood Falcon by the Galaxy Police and Captain Falcon. Jack still wants to tell Billy off for his trick, but Jody won't allow it. Back home, Jack and Rick again confront Billy, who confirms he did go to the base to receive training, but wanted to get away as much as he could from there. They think that he will soon be a real pilot, which he accepts.

Pilot Profile Movies

Billy and his little friend..png

Billy appears in "Jungle Fever". He starts his video by running toward a tree, then climbing it, and then swings on a vine. A small monkey follows him on another vine. Billy lands and the other monkey falls on his head. He wildly beats his chest, with the small monkey mimicking him. Billy sees a banana bunch on a tall tree, so he jumps up the tree to reach for the fruits, but the tree tilts and falls over, causing Billy to fall hard to the ground. The small monkey happily jumps about getting the bananas, while the unlucky Billy lays on the ground, twitching.

Mad Wolf


  • In F-Zero GX, the character AiAi, from Super Monkey Ball appears on Billy's belt.
  • He bears a slight resemblance to Andross and Andrew Oikonny from the Star Fox franchise seeing as they are monkeys. The only difference is their fur is white/grey.

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