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Billy is an F-Zero racer pilot first introduced in F-Zero X. He returns playable in F-Zero AX and in F-Zero GX.


Billy is the first monkey to enter F-Zero. One of his ancestors was a trained rocket pilot and the first monkey in space. Whether by genetic predisposition or not, Billy's ability as a pilot is truly exceptional, and he's the first monkey to enter the F-ZERO Grand Prix. He was raised in a special lab where he was educated in human literacy and communication skills. The lab concurrently developed an F-ZERO racer suitable for a monkey, and bestowed upon him the honor of piloting it in the Grand Prix.

His species seems to not be specially intelligent, since he himself was trained in a laboratory in linguistic skills and eventually to enter the F-Zero races. He's since competed for two years, though he has yet to win the Grand Prix.

When he is interviewed in F-Zero GX, Billy usually talks about money, such as how he became a racer "for the money."

In the anime, Billy is a member of Dark Million and later betrays them.

Mad Wolf


  • In F-Zero GX, the character AiAi, from Super Monkey Ball appears on Billy's belt.
  • He bears a slight resemblance to Andross and Andrew Oikonny from the Star Fox franchise seeing as they are monkeys. The only difference is their fur is white/grey.

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