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A building standing above Big Blue's sea in F-Zero GX.

Big Blue (ビッグブルー; Big Blue) is a fictional planet where 99% of the surface is covered by water.[1] Its circuits are built over and/or through its vast ocean. While appearing less frequently in the games than Mute City, it is still arguably the second most well-known F-Zero location. In F-Zero X, the Big Blue courses are held on planet Odyapes, which is also a watery planet.

In most F-Zero games, it has the appearance of a wide, open sea, with numerous rocks sticking out of the water, and very few buildings. In F-Zero GX, however, Big Blue underwent a significant change in appearance, and looked much more industrial than in the other games, with buildings, hotels, underwater tunnels, etc. found all over the circuits. The planet was strictly protected by the nature conservation group over a long time, but it was rumored that a new energy source laid down at the bottom of the seabed; investigation started right away, although no discoveries have yet been found.[2]

F-Zero series


Big Blue first appears as the second course of the original F-Zero. It only appears once, and is under the first cup, Knight League. It has many wide sections, making it one of the easiest courses to maneuver around, while its biggest hazard is the icy section.

F-Zero X

In F-Zero X, Big Blue appears twice, plus a third time in the Japan-Only Expansion Kit. First as Big Blue I: Cylinder as the fifth track under the first cup, the Jack Cup. Big Blue 1 is an easy track, and is mainly a cylinder. Big Blue II: Quick Turn appears as the fifth track under the second cup, the Queen Cup. Big Blue II is very hard with straightaways without guard rails and quick turns. In the EXpansion Kit only Big Blue III: Japon, the track is designed to look like Japan, and includes non guard-rail sections, mines, and a angled jump.

F-Zero GX/AX 

In F-Zero GX, Drift Highway is somewhat easy course with a hard turn and Ordeal is much more dangerous.

F-Zero: GP Legend 

In F-Zero GP: Legend, Big Blue has a total of 3 tracks. Slip Highway is introduced as the 4th track of the Silver Cup of the Novice and Intermediate difficulties. It also has an Expert variation staying in the same cup and order as before. The original Big Blue from the original SNES also appears in the game, as the second course of the Platinum Cup.

F-Zero Climax

Super Smash Bros. series

Super Smash Bros. Melee

Big Blue appeared in Super Smash Bros. Melee, Super Smash Bros. Brawl, and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as a fighting stage. Its layout is rather unique to the game, going from track sections to the big loop and vice-versa. The Party Ball is deemed rather useless for this stage, as the stage itself is constantly moving and at high speeds.

Mario Kart series

Mario Kart 8

Mario Kart 8 DLC Big Blue Gameplay (60fps - Full Race)

Mario Kart 8 DLC Big Blue Gameplay (60fps - Full Race)

The track starts out with anti-gravity. Similar to Mute City, the racers have to drive over the refuel pads in order to get coins. After a turn near the start, the road forks, with one track going up, and the other going down, both ending in a jump. After this, the players will go into a tunnel, with Boost Pads that go either backwards or forwards, depending on the track, similar to the ones in Toad's Factory.

The player will pass speed panels like this four times before reaching a Fly Pad, taking them to section two. In section two, they'll go down a water slide, ending a jump leading to a fork. Both roads are similar in each aspect. After this, the player will drive through a ring and back onto the water slide. At the end of the water slide, they'll find a glide panel that takes them off to section three.

Racers will then enter a section of speed panels, with more speed panels on them. The road then forks out again, one going left, and the other right. The right features speed panels sooner, while the left features them a little after they do on the right. After a few turns, the player reaches the end of the track.


  • In Super Smash Bros. Melee, the alternate theme of the Big Blue stage is a remix of the Mach Rider theme for the NES.


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