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This “wild child” was born and raised amid the natural beauty of Giant, a planet with expansive tracts of green land. He has preternatural animal instincts and a resilient, well-toned physique, both of which factored into his recruitment by the F-ZERO Pilot Selection Committee. He left his home and underwent a great deal of training in order to make his F-ZERO Grand Prix debut last year. He didn’t win, unfortunately, and knowing he still had much to learn, he set out on a spiritual journey. As a result, his physical strength has increased twofold. However, he is also a bit overconfident now and is considered somewhat of a big-mouth.

F-Zero GP Legend

Baba in the Anime.

Baba's anime counterpart appeared in F-Zero: GP Legend as a member of the Dark Million organization. He functions as the group's spy and is often a close, low-class henchman to Zoda, much like Octoman and Bio Rex. He first debuted in Lap 3, Burn Out on Planet Clifoto. And he does make some small cameos in many episodes since. Even when Jack Levin confronts Michael Chain and his dark past as the Death Reaper in Grim Reaper Jack Levin. He's also seen during the Final Lap as one of Dark Million's cronies standing up to the Platoon, till they scamper away from Dark Star to avoid certain death; he's still seen dreading over Zoda, as Hyper Zoda, when he enters the 2207 Grand Prix.

Pilot Profile Movies

I'm peeking at how you aren't really lifting that boulder.

Baba appears in "Ooh, No Peeking!" He runs in a canyon, followed by him doing a big jump, landing, then doing the Warrior pose. He starts his 'training' by attempting to climb to the top of a mountain. He falls, but the screen pans out to show that the cliff is only a few feet tall. Baba is then shown lifting a giant boulder with a single finger, but the screen pans out again to show that the boulder is lifted by a crane. Becoming sweaty from his "workout", Baba decides to (somehow) shower in the canyon, until the curtain moves, making him scream at the camera. breaking the fourth wall.


Iron Tiger

  • It is revealed in his Master Class video from F-Zero GX that Baba wears his helmet while showering.
  • Baba is Japanese for horse-riding ground, or racetrack.
  • Ironically, in F-Zero X, when falling off the course, the female scream is used despite that he's a male.
    • Because his sound file for falling in F-Zero X is the same as most females and that his Master Class video in F-Zero GX shows him dancing almost naked it is rumored that Baba is a homosexual.
    • The voice acting for this character in GX further bolsters this assumption.


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