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The Astro Robin is Jack Levin's F-Zero machine which was manufactured by Team Lightning Bolt. This team is known to be extremely famous and also makes up part of F-Zero's old guard. Along with the vehicles' extremely advanced control components, this machine was designed as a high-tech lightweight vehicle to match its pilot's "lightning" method of racing. The Astro Robin has the quickest acceleration of any vehicle. In order to satisfy Jack Levin's huge female fan base, the team installed cameras throughout the cockpit that broadcasts Jack from all different angles during the races.[1] With its high handling and durability, its only real weakness is its boost, which it somewhat makes up for with a high amount of acceleration.


  • Number: 14
  • Creator: Team Lightning Bolt
  • Engine: SS-C503-LVx2
  • Weight: 1050kg
  • Body: B
  • Boost: D
  • Grip: A


  • In the anime, Lap 48, the number is 14 because Jack's debut album ranked 14 when it was released.


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