Alias is a sweet, little F-Zero fan who happens to be wheelchair-bound, and that must open up everybody's hearts; whoever he meets, they're tripping over themselves to help him with his treatment! He eventually improves enough to stand unaided, and becomes pals with Clank Hughes. One of his ancestors was Rose, a New York policewoman who was friends with Haruka Misaki, and vital to preserving her diary for Rick Wheeler.

He was first seen in The Samurai Secret as Rick and Lucy Liberty visited him at a hospital in Mute City. He was gravely ill and needed the medicine the space pirates stole; nevertheless he still wants to be an F-Zero racer just like Rick. With that bit of encouragement, he kept his promise as he headed to Planet Cryton in search of the leader of the desert bandits, Samurai Goroh.

He also appeared again when Roger Buster met him at the Falcon House. Alias was still wheelchair-bound and met Rick and Lucy again as he was given exotic mangos. He was very nervous on whether or not he should receive heart surgery to save his life; Burt mentioned he must take risks if he wants to be an F-Zero racer. Thus, Rick promised to win the upcoming Fake Star cup against Roger who promised to give him an incentive of more mangos.

He was brought up again as he was friends with Clank and was a descendant of Haruka, who later turned out to be her close friend, Rose; as there was an ancient diary stored somewhere in his home.

Adult Alias watching the 2207 Grand Prix

Lastly, he was a grown man in the 2207 F-Zero Grand Prix as he watched Clank race inside the Dragon Bird EX and his rival Young Capt. Falcon in the Blue Falcon GT.

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