Aeropolis is a Course in both F-Zero GX and F-Zero AX. There are three different tracks in total between these two titles.


The entire region of Aeropolis is controlled by a super computer. The central control unit, called "Mother-Q," stores and computes detailed information on all Aeropolis citizens to create the ideal living environment. Because of the dramatic population increase, Mother-Q has created skyscrapers that can regenerate themselves breeding new structures to house the ever-increasing Aeropolis community.

Appearance in the games

Aeropolis only appears in F-Zero GX/AX where it has three tracks in total: Multiplex contains a vertical 180º turn, a zig-zag jump, a chicane, a loop and mines. Dragon Slope contains a series of downhill drops and a vertical climb. Screw Drive lets up on the difficulty to start the AX cup.


It has actually appeared twice in the anime, both in Lap 13 in Japan and 11 in English, Blow Out, and Lap 40, Coffee Break. Even though they're both based on Multiplex...


  • There is a hidden R.O.B. in the map that can't be viewed, unless by hacking the game.



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