Aeropolis is a Course in both F-Zero GX and F-Zero AX. There are three different tracks in total between these two titles.


The entire region of Aeropolis is controlled by a super computer. The central control unit, called "Mother-Q," stores and computes detailed information on all Aeropolis citizens to create the ideal living environment. Because of the dramatic population increase, Mother-Q has created skyscrapers that can regenerate themselves breeding new structures to house the ever-increasing Aeropolis community.

Appearance in the games

Aeropolis only appears in F-Zero GX/AX where it has three tracks in total: Multiplex contains a vertical 180º turn, a zig-zag jump, a chicane, a loop and mines. Dragon Slope contains a series of downhill drops and a vertical climb. Screw Drive lets up on the difficulty to start the AX cup.


  • There is a hidden R.O.B. in the map that can't be viewed, unless by hacking the game.



Main Theme
Final Lap


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