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• 8/8/2018

F-Zero got a chance for smash ultimate!!!!!

F-zero got a chance for smash ultimate because their are still spots left in the picture with the characters in the game. Plus, Blood Falcon would be a good echo fighter.
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• 7/7/2018

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• 5/25/2017

1st Admin Discussion

Ok guys, since F-Zero wikia is becoming more active by more people joining, it looks like F-Zero Wikia is starting to become a community. We should clean up and replace categories and fix pages. Like give an appearance section on the pilots, which meams to describe what they look like in all the games they appear in and make galleries for the characters too. We should fix rules and change some rules to make the wiki more friendly. Finally, i think we should tell other wikias about this wiki and hope we have more users join.
So, who agrees with me?
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• 5/20/2017

What else does the site need? (Images, data)

So I just uploaded 41 machines from F-Zero GX

Also the lightest and heaviest machine I could create in F-Zero GX's Customize

And the biggest image of all machines in GX I could possible render (nearly crashed my computer with how high I had to set the quality)
So is there anything else I could do? Like the Multiplayer recolors? Pilots?
I suppose what would be best is if I were to make a video on how I created these and let you all try it out for yourselves. ^^
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• 5/20/2017

Could we improve/change something on the site's design?

There is at least one thing that I think really needs changing: The background behind the text. It's a little difficult to read the text on screen because of the transparency setting on the site. Currently, the opacity is set to 0.7 in .WikiaPage .WikiaPageBackground
Could that be changed to 0.8 or even 0.9?
It says that line of code is in Qualaroo.scss on line 2, buuuuut the link to that file doesn't make much sense so perhaps it can be done somewhere else. I suppose a staff member has access to this.
Anyways, all you'd have to do is change opacity: 0.7; to either opacity: 0.8; or opacity: 0.9;
If there's anything else you guys think needs improvement, just post it here, I'm sure the staff wouldn't mind looking at it. =) That with the opacity was my biggest concern, because my eyes kinda hurt from trying to read while the text blends so much with the background image. *sweat*
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• 4/16/2017

Someone with editing permission needs to add the Tekken Cameo to Captain Falcon's page

It's been bothering me how so few people realize his costume appears in Tekken 2 for the Wii U.  It's well designed, and cool nod to the series.
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• 4/7/2017

New Admin and Wiki!

Hello guys, I am Waybig101, but you can call me Waybig. Anyway, I am now the current admin of this wiki and now you probably noticed the changes to this wiki as well. Tell me what you think of the changes and be sure to check out the fanon wiki, where you can create your own pages for your own F-Zero games! Link is on main page.
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• 10/31/2016

Should I make some rendered animated Gifs of F-Zero GX drivers and vehicles?

What a mouthful! AHEM! But yeah, I love rendering and making animations, so should I post and make some Gifs like these:

Captain Falcon from F-Zero GX Hmm... maybe a liiiiiittle big now that I think about it. ^^;
Would that be alright?
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